Friday, May 21, 2010

Land Snail

We will be seeing more of these with all the rainy weather we are having. I rather enjoyed watching the little critter with it's beautiful shell inch along the stump it was walking on. Land snails can be a huge pest to both vegetable growers and gardeners as they are especially fond of lettuce and hostas. They deposit their eggs in the soil and within two weeks the eggs hatch into fully developed little snails, fully mobile and ready to eat. They themselves though are an important food source for many others, including birds, snakes, turtles, beetles and even humans. Don't think I will eat him/her however, I am glad to see land snails here at Habitat Home.


  1. What is the difference between the land snails and the slugs that always used to seem to find my gardens? (Other than the shell of course)

  2. They are two different species of Mullusca, but as you noted, except for the shell, very much the same.