Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nesting continues

eastern phoebe eggseastern phoebeeastern phoebe nest

There has been a nest built by an eastern phoebe, located under the deck above my den window, for the past six weeks or more. I have checked a couple times in May and never saw any eggs or chicks, but this past weekend the activity of the pair going in and out of the nest has increased markedly, and sure enough, there were four eggs in the nest yesterday. This nest is quite solidly constructed, built on a foundation of coax cables going to the internet satellite dish (three photos above, the image of the eggs is taken with the aid of a mirror). It's good to have another pair of flycatchers in residence.

eastern bluebird nest/eggsOn a related note, I cleaned out the empty bluebird nest from the house about ten days after the May 23 post/photo of the chicks. A check yesterday revealed another nest and another five eggs (photo below). I'll try to get a photo of the newly hatched young, since I missed that stage when we were out of town last month.

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  1. As always, I've learned something new by reading Habitat Home. We spotted one of these birds around our barn a few days ago and it wasn't listed in our bird book. Eastern Phoebe--good to know.