Friday, August 31, 2012

Fallen Tree

 Most dead trees at Habitat Home are left standing till they fall. So, we often have to spend a morning or afternoon cleaning up a dead fallen tree that happens to fall across a path.  The job is made easier with a chain saw and the decision to leave most  fallen wood on the ground close to where it fell (but off the path).  The discussion this morning was whether to leave the fallen logs along the bank or move them farther from the river.  We decided to leave them along the  river bank as we noticed more vegetative growth along banks with fallen logs than those without woody debris.  The river path at Habitat Home is shown below.  Before and after our morning's workout. Maybe the remainder of the dead tree will just fall towards the river next time.


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  1. Just happened across your blog post in search of more information on Indiangrass. Anyway; it may interest you that fallen logs will, as they rot, serve as wet spots... an oasis, during dry periods for all sorts of wildlife. I'm not very familiar with your home State but look for amphibians and insects to name a few groups. Enjoy! Nice blog site!