Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Change

The sale of Habitat Home. 
Oh how I will miss Habitat Home!
 But a decision needed to be made...stay and love our new grandchild from afar or move and take along fond memories of Habitat Home.  We have chosen to move closer to family.  We will start a new chapter in our lives (and perhaps a new blog?) in Snohomish Washington.
What a great blessing  it has been to create Habitat Home.
Wishing the new owners much happiness in their new home.


  1. We hope you do start a new blog. Wishing you all much happiness in your new home. Family is more important than possessions as you have demonstrated. God Bless!

  2. You and Lex have done wonders with Habitat Home. It is so remarkable thanks to your wisdom and hard work. I'm quite dismayed to lose you from the Salt Fork watershed, but totally understand the attraction of being closer to family and grandchildren. Mary Kay S.