Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is raining very hard today.
I wonder about the weeds that are growing here.

Yesterday, while at the library, I borrowed the book Weeds: Friend or Foe? by Sally Roth. So, as I sit here waiting for the rain to stop, I can investigate some of my favorite weeds: wild garlic, morning glories and clover. All of which are abundant on the property. And then there are some I am not really all that familiar with, like Black medic, Medicago lupulina. Reading about this little weed, I now realize that it is all over my lawn, blooming right now!

Is this a plant I need to remove now that I know it is a weed?
The book claims that Black medic has some food value for birds and rodents and has a nitrogen-enriching effect on the soil. I think it even looks rather nice alongside the clover that is also blooming in my lawn. I rather like it.

As the book asks: Friend or Foe?

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