Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weed Whacking?

I guess you could call it invasive whacking . What to do with all the yellow and white sweet clover that is growing all over the place? They are the worst weeds. If left to themselves, they would be everywhere. The big patches along the driveway were mowed down with the tractor. It might not look the best but it is the easiest. But what about the patches growing in the middle of the savanna and meadows? The old weed whacker was hauled out for this and after a few repairs and outfitted with a steel blade it has been great for getting the clovers that are out in the middle of the meadows. I have chosen not to spray the clovers but instead try to control them by cutting them down before they can go to seed. (There is so much else that I spray already like the honeysuckle, autumn olive, multiflora rose and, well, you get the idea.) Cutting the patches of clover down seems to be effective and only has to be done once a year. I just hope the heat and humidity are not too hard on the old weed whacker!

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